The Noise Beuys

The Noise Beuys are a get-together of Mr.Monodread and 50% the original Mandelbrots: Mathias Schneiderbanger and Holger Ballweg. They will be celebrating a true audiovisual noisefest with the help of their livecoded algorithms!

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Chinese Whispers

What happens when devices which are meant to speak up loudly, suddenly turn quiet? If they start recording each other instead of a given human voice? Chinese Whispers is a project by Jonas Hummel & Graham Booth (Rebellious Devices)which explores these questions using a network of portable computers and small handheld megapones found in Chinese everyday life. Expect to get up close and personal as the duo manipulate both the devices and the invisible connections between them.

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Singing Trains

Do you prefer the Jubilee or the District Line? Which city has your favorite trainstation? Do you like to sing under the shower? Let us take you for a ride on this special train. Leaving from platform 1-1/2. This is a first collaboration between phD students Chloƫ Mullett and Jonas Hummel exploring the realm of live looping, surround sound with recorded train sounds and other materials.

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BiLE : the Birmingham Laptop Ensemble

BiLE are a collaborative group of composers and performers of electronic music brought together through their shared interest in live performance and collaborative improvisation. BiLE will play two new pieces of their repertoire which explore shared control in a collaborative computer environment (Mind Your Own Business) and the opposition of electroacoustic high art music vs. popular music grooves taken from famous female Pop Icons (Shandy). BiLE is Holger Ballweg, Jonas Hummel, Charles Celeste Hutchins, Shelly Knotts and glitch visual artist Antonio Roberts.

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